Saturday, October 11, 2008

Randy Gazaway Sells Chickens

I bought my very first four girls from Randy Gazaway out in the middle of nowhere, in a big barn with hundreds of them and he picked two Rhode Island Reds, one Buff Orpington, and one Black & White out for me.  I couldn't tell which pullets were girls and which would turn into roosters.  Randy got it perfect.  His number is 770.889.6691, it's been about four years since I called.

I think I got his name from a guy named David Williams who used to be the chicken farmer at the big huge chicken house farm up on Mountain Road (near Freemanville).  I stopped to talk to him one day when I saw a bunch of folks taking care of the grounds and I asked for the Chicken Guru.  I think the man almost fell off his tractor.  Anyway, when he directed me to David, I explained my City Gone Country attitude and my desire to learn everything I could about raising chickens now that I got to live here.

Did you know that there are 20,000 chicks in each of the four chicken houses.  And they come 80,000 at a time delivered and divided in the houses and then hang out for only seven weeks at which time they go back out to never never land.  They take a week off and then it starts all over again.  My girls and I got a tour once of the chicken houses.  Let's just say it was An Experience.

David and I kept in touch a couple of years before the farm was sold to the new owners who I absolutely adore for not tearing the place down for a new subdivision.  Mountain Road is one of the last remaining "almost original" roads.  If only it were still dirt and not paved.  Wow, that would be something.

So back to getting by chicks from Randy:  I took my laundry hamper with a lid and a bungee cord and snapped it closed and off we went down the road, their first road trip, to their new Home Sweet Home.

This backyard chicken business is easy. Ya just have to do it.  It's a lot easier than you think.  

And it is sooo very...