Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gulfport FL Case

A very brief history follows from Andy Schneider (aka The Chicken Whisperer) regarding the Gulfport, Florida chicken case. For more detailed information, the links to the newspaper articles are listed below...

A local police officer was on an unrelated call, and heard what sounded like a chicken. He went to investigate, and saw chickens in Jennifer Conroy's back yard. He took pictures, and gave her a ticket! Apparently the Mayor, and City Council members unanimously voted "YES" to allow Jennifer to keep her chickens. Then it interestingly came up for another vote when two of the City Council members were conveniently out of town. You guessed it! The two council members who voted in favor, and still are in favor of allowing pet chickens were the one's that were out of town.

First newspaper article: http://www.tampabay.c...
Second newspaper article: http://www.tampabay.c...

This is where it stands right now...

I sent out a mass e-mail to all of you asking for your help regarding this matter. Many of you responded with wonderful letters, and e-mails. Here is how your letters helped...

Last night at the Gulfport City Council Meeting our letters, e-mails, and even the CBS 46 video about our club was mentioned specifically! One City Council member stated, "I have gotten at least 30 e-mails in support of allowing backyard chckens!" "There is even a video about Atlanta allowing pet chickens!" You should be very proud of yourselves for getting involved. This just shows that we CAN make a difference.

Now what?

Well, the Gulfport City Council decided to let Jennifer keep her chickens for now. They are going to bring this back up for a vote at the next meeting on Tuesday, February 3rd. So this is far from over!

Again, this is not over! We ALL need to send an e-mail in support of this woman, and pet chickens! Here is the updated info...

City of Gulfport Florida
2401 53rd Street South
Gulfport Florida, 33707
727-893-1005 (Fax)

Mayor, Mike Yakes (Currently voting yes, but not a strong yes.)
E-mail Address:

Council Member, Michele King (Currently voting yes. All for it.)
E-mail Address:

Council Member, Mary Stull (Currently voting yes, but on the fence.)
E-mail Address:

Council Member, Judy Ryerson (Currently voting no. Strongly against it.)
E-mail Address:
Special Note: She claims she grew up on a farm, and has bad memories of chickens.

Council Member, Bob Worthington (Currently voting no. Strongly against it.)
E-mail Address:
Special Note: Claims that if they allow pet chickens they will have to allow pet cows, and there would be no end to what else they would have to allow.

If not you then who? If not now then when? (phillip vera cruz)

We can all make a difference in this city, if you just take the time to send a short letter or e-mail!


Andy (Chicken Whisperer)